Thursday, April 3, 2008

End of Summer. . .2007

Oh man! More dorkdom. Since joining the ruinous powers, I've join even more ruinous powers. But sine then, I've decided that I wanted the inside of my army's Rhino the painted. . . 'nicely'. So I'm showing you four hours of interior work. I'm pleased. I wish the outside was doing as well.

The prototype chaos space marine for my army. Ive since touched this guy up more. I'm too picky and I keep changing my approach. So, no marine is painted alike. Sigh, this'll never get finished.
So yeah, these are more aquamarine than they should me. Aquamarines. . . has a nice ring. Anyway, the trick I'm finding is force highlighting these things. Also making little tiny gradients. But I do believe the path to victory lies in. . . goood brushes. Also using consistent paint. So yes, I'm using some game paint. However; there's I'm mixing in better paint for amazing arcs of colour. Also gouche comes in handy. It feels like I'm cheating.

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