Thursday, April 3, 2008

summer 2007 painting

I've spent some time painting Warhammer minitures. It's getting me excited about painting again. I've been more discouraged when it comes to that than ever. Not fanarting though, though that will happen. So between this an what p More in the way of subject matter and ideas though.

tau Stealth Suit with plasma cannon. I wanted a weird maroon colour like you'd see occasionally. Less successful than hoped, but it's a nice paint.
Tau Gun Drones. The masked stripe turned out more impressive than I thought.
Salamander Space Marines.
Close ups.
Two bolter pistols is kind of absurd. But can you argue with this guy?
Sister of battle. This was more challenging that other models, but it's funner to paint cloth, hair, and skin than all the other stuff.

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